Business Development Specialist Intern

Job description

Job description:

As a Business Development Specialist Intern, you will work closely with our Business Development team to support the growth and success of our company. You will have the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of business development, including market research, customer outreach, sales, and partnership building. You will also be responsible for promoting our brand and increasing its exposure among targeted customer communities by serving as an opinion leader for Student Medicover.

Job responsibility:

· Invite students to join Q&A groups and engage with them to build relationships.

· Convert students into customers by providing information about Student Medicover's services and benefits.

· Attend student orientations or events held by collaborated student organizations (tentative).

· Proactively promote Student Medicover to customers through social media platforms.

· Explore opportunities to collaborate with relevant student organizations to increase brand exposure.

· Participate in marketing team meetings and provide valuable input to improve strategies and tactics.

· Keep important information updated and report to the supervisor at least once per week.

Job requirements


· Current college student with Sophomore standing or above.

· Experience with social media marketing campaigns is highly preferred.

· Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

· Effective verbal and written communication skills.

· Self-motivated and outgoing personality.

· Experience with insurance or healthcare-related industry, in general, is a plus.